{Snippet} 12 Tips to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

I’m a self professed ‘accidental entrepreneur’. I have both a Master’s Degree in Teaching and in Nursing…and really never ever thought I would become a top leader in a network marketing company.


But I bring to you some amazing insights that I’ve learned over my 2 years from growing my network business from the ground up. I didn’t optimise my blog (big MASSIVE mistake) instead I worked Facebook (good!) and word-of-mouth (can’t go wrong!) to build my business and to success at maintaining a high rank.

This is a {snippet} of the 12 Days of Building e-course/email blast that I’m providing for free to anyone from 1 December – 12 December 2016.


Tip 1: Love & Know Your Product

At the foundation of any business, including network marketing, is a LOVE of the product! You have to LOVE the product and you really need to know as much about the product as possible. How it’s made, how to use it, what alternatives there are.

You want to create an ease about your knowledge that makes it easy for new contacts to understand them -and- to give deeper information for those requesting more.

My short tip: be a product of the product.

Tip 2: Be Consistent

When I started with doTERRA I KNEW that people were waiting for me to quit. ‘How long is this fad gonna last?’ You need to — HAVE TO — be consistent with holding classes, sharing the samples, using social media, reaching out to new contacts, expanding your brand, creating dual streams of income.

Consistency (doesn’t mean it has to be full speed) just means that you’re moving forward. The fastest way to kill your business is to quit. The most effective way to keep it going, be moving forward always.

Tip 3: Get ready for haters

It’s gonna happen buttercup. It will happen no matter what business you’re running. Promise. As my Grandpa said to me ‘it separates the men from the boys’. So just get used to making other people a bit uncomfortable with your success. And NEVER EVER stop! It will help everyone grow, including yourself. It’s part of the growing process for everyone and it’s something that you have to realise will happen.

I used to get so consumed with making everyone like me. It’s not my job. What is my job is to consistently love my product, be consistent with my branding and to continue to reach outside of my comfort zone.

…..I have 9 MORE tips and tricks up my sleeve. As well as videos for each tip, exclusive content and so much more.

Join Mish as she combines her teaching, nursing and love of network marketing for ‘12 Days of Building’…a FREE e-mails series.


Mish will share her 12 hot tips to help you finish out the year with a bang and plan ahead for a successful 2017!

Don’t forget to Join Mish for 12 Days of Building to get exclusive and original insight into how to grow your network marketing business.

Mish xo

2 thoughts on “{Snippet} 12 Tips to Grow Your Network Marketing Business

  1. Rebecca says:

    I’ve been with DoTERRA since July. I’m looking forward to your videos & your hot tips so I can build my business. These oils are fantastic. Thanks Mish I’m super excited 🙂

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