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Hi there,

My name is Mish and you’ve found this page because you have receive some samples from me 🙂 Welcome to my blog and welcome to the magic of doTERRA.

I hope that you’re enjoying you’re samples. I have included some information below to help you along with your understanding of doTERRA. If you would like to reach out further to me, please contact me {here} or send me an email: oilswithmish (at)


doTERRA is an essential oils company and provides the world’s most pure essential oils. They are sourced from all over the world by working together with local farmers to source the best product. They are committed to providing you with every single bottle being 100% pure and free from synthetics, fillers, pesticides or other nasties. They are safe and can use used with your whole family.


I know that starting out and learning about essential oils and doTERRA can be a bit overwhelming, but I promise you that I will help you along your journey. Below are some starting points to empower yourself in learning more about using doTERRA in your everyday life.


  1. Link to the Australian price list and enrolment flyer 
    If you are not from Australia, please contact me ( oilswithmish (at) and I can sent you the appreciate information for your country.

To secure 25% off or retail you join as what is known as a “Wellness Advocate” which gives you access to your own online wholesale account as well as to your team page which is 24/7 online support and information.

If you are interested in joining please contact me on my Facebook Page or send me an email: oilswithmish (at)

Two ways to secure wholesale prices:

  1. Enrol with a $35.00 enrolment fee (a one-time fee) and purchase the oils that you’d like (example: 4 mood oils + Frankincense)
  2. Enrol with an enrolment kit (which are outlined here on the 2nd page) which has the enrolment free already included. This is the most sensible and cost effective way to purchase dĹŤTERRA products

The enrolment fee is a one-time fee, which secures wholesale prices for all of dōTERRA’s products in both Australia and USA for the year.  There are NO sales targets, monthly requirements or purchase goals. You secure wholesale for yourself for personal use, saving 25% off of retail prices.

There is an amazing option to get your oils for even less money by joining the “Loyalty Rewards Program”. You will receive up to 55% off of retail and I will speak to you about this once you become a Wellness Advocate! FREE OILS! There is an annual maintenance fee of around $25.00, which entitles you to a free 15ml bottle of Peppermint oil.


  1. Top 10 Oils in 10ish Minutes
  2. Moods and Emotions
  3. Moms and Babies


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I so look forward to connecting with you. Speak soon and please ask questions.

Mish xo

If you are interested in joining please contact me on my Facebook Page or send me an email: oilswithmish (at)