Top 4 Mistakes I’ve Made Getting to Diamond

This week marks my 2 year anniversary with doTERRA! Incredible! To mark this, I thought ‘what could I share with them that would help them on their journey to high rank?”

Tips? Tricks? Steps? Inspiration?

MISTAKES! Let me share with you my mistakes along this journey!!! I always see the ‘top 5 tips to hit the highest rank’ but today I wanted to share with Top 4 Mistakes I’ve made Getting to Diamond, because they have lessons in them.


1. I didn’t believe I was worth the accolade and success

I didn’t. Truth be known, I still get a nervous about everything that I have accomplished. I recently had a strategy meeting and they sat there and said “why didn’t you tell us all about all that you’ve done?”

To be honest I just washed over me. I didn’t see it. Part of the journey to Diamond is about SEEING AND BELIEVING your own success and worth. I see it so often with leaders on my team and in all network marking businesses…self-sabatoge related to lack of success belief. Be that from their own personal blocks or external nah-sayers, it’s what kills most dreams.

So stand in your own success. Even if it makes you wildly uncomfortable. We are all divine, deserving human beings and you DESERVE success! 


2. I almost bowed down to jealously and skeptics

This will happen when you start to build your business. Jealousy will flare. You will push against norms (which is exactly what I did) and you will get backlash.

You just have to stay SUPER true to your WHY (why are you doing this business? why do you love the company so much?)

This can happen with friends, family, co-workers and spouses! Don’t be surprised if you get push back from those closest to you in the beginning. It does happen.

I just said to myself ‘rise to the top like cream’. Keep saying YES to every invitation to collaborate, to speak. Share you vision with your spouses/family and remember to speak from the WHY always. Additionally, stay true to your social media presence, do the daily tasks to you need to do. Have classes/workshops/online classes, etc. Be consistent.

What will separate you and your brand will be what you deliver. High quality, constant and inspiring content. People want to align themselves with your brand and your product. They can find the product anywhere, but YOU and what you give is how I got to Diamond.


3. I worked myself into the ground

Not über proud of this. I have put on weight. I have kicked my adrenals into the ground. If I give you one thing, it is OK to take time off. I know that it becomes a bit of a hamster wheel and I’m highly driven by hitting ranks and external markers. I’m also a perfectionist.

But it’s OK to take care of yourself. It’s OK to be healthy. It’s OK to turn your phone off. It’s OK to skip events and things if you just need time off. It’s OK to tell your team that you’re nurturing yourself (most of the time they’re grateful that you’re giving them the permission to do the same)

It’s a tricky balance when you’re starting a business. But I got too short-sighted. I wanted all the success NOW and forgot about myself in the process. Don’t do that. Commit to 2-3+ years and nourish yourself along the way.


4. I didn’t create systems early enough

To help with #3, it is to create duplicatable systems. How to follow-up after enrolments/samples. Expectations for events, mentoring call days, team training times, builder training times, etc. I know that as you grow these things will change, but at each step in your business you need to have duplicatable systems.

Either create them yourself or align yourself with one that is already created.

I didn’t do this. It almost took me until Diamond to give my team basic builder systems (not good!) other then what was already out there.

You want systems that are easily accessible, scripts, videos, clear dates/times. Easy. So that even when your leaders start to build, they can tap into what you’ve created so that you have a solid culture of high expectation and education.

So I hope that those 4 Mistakes I’ve shared help you on your journey. I like to keep my journey to Diamond as transparent as possible, because I know that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. But if you decide that you’d like to actually learn from the roadblocks that you’ve had…you will be rewarded!

Mish xo

If you want more juicy tips I have a FREE 12 Days of Building E-mail series coming up which starts on the 1 December-12 December 2016 for anyone in the network marketing industry. 

I hope that you join and share with your teams and friends who could benefit.




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