Free Oils Consult

  • Not really sure where to start?
  • Heard a lot about essential oils, but want to learn more?
  • Have areas of wellness you’d like to work on and would like to know more specific information?
  • How like to try some samples to see how they work?
  • Ready to overhaul you life and empower your journey with health and wellness?

YES!!! Now is the time. Please book in with me for a free mini-wellness consult and I will get samples to you after speaking with you about what oils/products would best suit you!

I'm READY to kick-butt&-2
We can do the consult over the phone or Skype or Facetime…no limited!

These are open worldwide! So look forward to connecting with you!

Mish xo

These are for anyone who isn’t a current wellness advocate, wholesale member and/or currently working with someone else. If you are currently a wellness advocate and/or working with someone, I would kindly ask that you refer back to them for advice. xo