6 Must Have Essential Oils for Family Wellness

It’s coming into Summer here in Australia, but I’m mindful that wellness is a year long journey! We need to keep maintaining our immune systems (and a shout out to all those in the Northern Hemisphere that are headed into winter!)

Here are my Top 6 Oils for Family Wellness!

family wellness.png

1 — OnGuard


This is the KING of daily immune support. As you will have noticed above it is a MUST have for all things immunity. It’s a power house anti-oxidant blend to provide daily immune support. It is SO supportive of the immune systems, great for cleaning/DIY, and to diffuse.

2 — Melaleuca / Tea Tree


Tea Tree is ‘first aid of oils‘. It’s a must have all the time for cuts/scrapes. It’s also amazing at helping to reduce pain in ears, and swollen glands. I love tea trees gentle, yet powerhouse nature.

3 — Lavender


Lavender is ‘all things soothing and calming’. It’s a great oil to help reduce stress, to help settle emotions, for sleep and relaxation. It’s also amazing on bug bites/bee stings and irritated skin. An absolute must in any house hold.

4– Digestzen


5– Frankincense


The saying in the oiling community is ‘when in doubt, Frank!’. Frankincense is the King of Oils. It helps to support balance on all levels in your body and is amazing at supporting others oils working even better. For skin mix it with Lavender and Tea Tree. For sunburn, mix it with peppermint and lavender. For emotions calm down with a combo of lavender and frank. For sore muscles or head tension mix peppermint and frankincense together. It’s simply an oil every house hold needs!

6 — Peppermint


I love Peppermint so much. Simply peppermint is good for cooling and uplifting. It’s wonderful for cooling the body down if you put a couple drops in spray bottle with some water. It’s also amazing when combined with any citrus oil for an uplifting aroma to help get your going. Oh…and it’s ah-maz-ing in chocolate!

Those are my Top 6 MUST HAVE essential oils for any family. Obviously there are more, but truly these can pretty much do everything you need essential oils to do in a pinch. I travel with these oils and use these oils often.

What are your ‘must have’ essential oils?

Mish xo

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