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Thank you for finding me and coming to learn more about how to join our radiant doTERRA team with your own personalised kit!



why & how I use the oils

I joined doTERRA and then I fell madly in love with the oils.

I have used these magical oils for the following (and way more!)

  • Occasional muscle soreness
  • Head tension
  • Immune boosting
  • Upset tummy
  • Moods/Emotions
  • Supporting healthy skin
  • Even adding to your cooking/baking

I was BLOWN away by the beauty of these incredible oils. Not only are they clean and potentness in their aromatic pulse, but they’ve changed our entire health and well-being.


the doTERRA difference

I resonate with doTERRA’s the co-impact sourcing model and their servant heart. 

Each drop has a story; from the time it’s harvested to the time that we use it. From the farmer’s who provide us with generational knowledge of distilling oils, to the science and heart which goes into insuring quality and potency.

A human story and connection to the gifts of the earth.



What makes doTERRA unique, potent and a world leader in holistic benefit is that:

  • The oils are 100% pure, botanical based and are not cut with cheap fillers.
  • We are now living a doTERRA Lifestyle of health and wellness
  • My love of the oils is now a full-time business.
  • You can use, share or build with your oils.
    • There’s no lock-in, there’s no requirements…just pure access to wholesale prices, support from me and our worldwide team and solutions at your fingertips.

the doTERRA wholesale account

doTERRA works beautifully on a wholesale account option. The flexible approach insures that you can Live, Share or Build with your wholesale account. 

When you get your wholesale account your will receive:

  • 25% off of retail for a whole year (wholesale prices) with NO strings attached!
  • 1 hour personalised wellness consult with me.
  • Option to save up to 55% by joining an awesome monthly ordering program.
  • Private online support on our VIP Facebook Page
  • Option to grow your love of the oils into a business!
  • Special enrolment bonuses — ask me — they change month to month 🙂

two joining options

There are two ways to decide how to get started when making/finding the best fit for you

2 Ways to Open a doTERRAWholesale Account-2.png

Join here: Follow the link


  1. Visit my online store {{{HERE}}} to purchase
  2. Follow the directions which are below my photo on the link above
  3. BUT … before you click over…check out my suggestions below!

Australian based suggestions:

Oil Sharing Kit -or- Daily Usage Kit for health overhaul and best value for money.
Home Essentials Kit + Fractionated Coconut Oil for everyday living.
{Aussie Price Sheet & Enrolment Kits}


USA/Canadian based suggestion

Diamond, Oil Sharing, Every Oil for those ready to overhaul and get value for money
the Natural Solutions or Home Essentials Kit for everyday use.
{USA/Canadian Kits} {USA/Canadian Price Sheet}

**If you are outside of Australia or USA/Canada, please send me a message: oilswithmish (at) — as my team and support is worldwide and doterra is in many countries worldwide.

{doTERRA Product Catalogue}

Thank you for partnering with me & our amazing team

Look forward to having you on our Amazing and supportive team!

Once you’ve joined our AMAZING team, I will follow-up with you and grant you amazing and supportive 24/7 team support & building mentoring.

So much love to you,
Mish xo


Does the sharing or building aspect of this journey entice you?

Check out my ‘work with me‘ page and please reach out to me if you’re interested in learning more about building a business!

I love supporting people with a passion to grow their skills and become financially abundant. 

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