Week 10: Am I getting Transformed?

A Self-Love reflection from Maria

I love that I am an open book. Some people tell me that putting my whole self out there is not a good idea. That I should keep some things to myself because others may use these things against me in the future. I say – NO WAY!! I have NO secrets. I believe that secrets rot your soul and there is nothing inside me that I am ashamed of. Everything I’ve ever done or said or tried and failed has brought me where I am and made me WHO I am. I like who I am and plan on sharing myself with everyone I meet from now until the day I die. And I plan on doing it with a smile on my face!! πŸ™‚

Can I call myself transformed?

*I do cuss in this video, there maybe some f-bombs

Can you say that you’re transformed, even if your body hasn’t changed? Is mind transformation more important?

12 thoughts on “Week 10: Am I getting Transformed?

  1. love2eatinpa says:

    very potent video, michelle! good for you for getting to this place! i look forward to reading your blogs to see what cool things you start to do.
    you are so right, being obessesed with food definitely keeps me out of living in the present. i am aware of it and because i am aware, i can now make a choice. the power is mine to use.
    and to answer your question, i think mind transformation is more important than body. our bodies are just a vessel that holds ourselves. our minds and souls, what we are made of are more substantial.
    my mind is gradually transforming from 30+ years of compulsive eating. it’s hard, emotional and often teary, but i think it’s worth it.

  2. Ryan Sullivan says:

    Only 4 cuss words and technically 1 of them was a quote πŸ™‚ I’m a huge advocate of the idea that successful weight loss will never happen until our minds are in the right place. Your mind is in the right place girl. You are mentally strong and doin’ work! Thanks for such a good message!

  3. All Women Stalker says:

    Mind transformation is the best sort of transformation that I can achieve. I think that I’m transformed mentally. And I think the physical transformation because a little bit easier.

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