Happy Week: List #3

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Here’s is another installment from bloggers listing out what makes them HAPPY for ‘HAPPY WEEK‘!

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From Maria@RealFitMama

-When my girls get along

-Taking pictures

-Pillow fights

-Walks in our neighborhood

-Starbucks coffee
-Cooking with my girls
-Getting dressed up for dates with my husband
-Hot pink Chucks!!
-Having the windows open when the weather’s nice
-Road trips

From Chrisite@HonoringHealth

  • my husbands unconditional love & support
  • my ability to find strength in my flaws
  • a yoga practice that makes me cry
  • helping people with their journey to intuitive eating.

From Esther@FaintStarLite and ShePosts.com

Snuggling in bed.

There’s nothing like our sweet morning ritual filled with sloppy kisses and lots of cuddling. Most days my husband Nick is awake and off to work before me so I get my son’s full snuggle love. But on weekends I get to capture scenes like the two of them peacefully sleeping. They are the family I always wanted and hoped for, and wished as a kid that I had. And now – there they are. Some mornings in bed between the snuggles, the giggles, the tickles, and the kisses I feel like my heart could just burst from all the happiness and love


It was a really rough start and the first 6 weeks or so I thought I’d have to give up. What this picture doesn’t show is the frustration, pain, sadness and inadequacy I felt during that time. After having an unexpected c-section I had hoped my luck would change on the breastfeeding front but I just wasn’t a natural. It was hard work and it took a lot of perseverance, but now almost 13 months later I am so happy to have stuck with it. So many of my fondest memories over the past year involve those quiet moments of Jude nursing – the look of satisfaction and connection will always be cherished.

The little discoveries.

Having a baby has made me realize just how much I took the little things in life for granted. I had stopped seeing that there’s fun and discovery around every corner if you just look for it. Jude thinks everything is a miracle. Take mirrors for instance – he is amazed by their clarity and just how entertaining it can be to make silly faces in a mirror. Seeing him explore the world makes me aware of how precious the universe is, and remembering that makes me happy.


Getting out and seeing new places is one of my favorite things in life. If possible, I think I’d never stop traveling. Being able to experience other cultures and learn about the history of long-lost people makes me feel part of a bigger narrative. I want to have a connection to the past and I sense how small and yet important we all are when I’m out of my comfort zone. Traveling shows me that deep down we all want the same things – to have the chance to follow our dreams, to have deep ties to the people around us, and to live in peace + happiness.

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