3 Things I’m REALLY Excited About

I’m someone who can live in my head..and as Kelle wrote…it can be sometimes.not.the.best.spot. Maybe I’ll blame it on the fact that Western Australia’s winter feels like it’s going on.forever…even locals who try and pray for rain every.single.year…are asking for the SUN to come out.


I AM excited about stuff in my life. It’s GOOD to write these things down, say them outloud. We are SO much of what we believe..and more so what we give breathe to in our words that we use.

1. OREGONI’m going home in about 3.5 weeks.


Originally planned about five months ago as the ‘trip to plan the June 2014 wedding…I booked as a sigh of relief because international wedding planning is hard work. THEN we had to get married twice. So I’m looking at this planning trip as a holiday and to be able to share my joy of being engaged with my family. I mean, I miss them like an American misses Pumpkin Spiced Lattes from Starbucks i’ve never had one. I’m going dress shopping, florist discussing, DJ music selecting, photography planning and catering testing. It’s all gonna happen quickly, but I’m REALLY excited to see my whole family.

2. NEW JOB-KindaI have spent the past four weeks REALLY thinking about what will make me happy. And I know that is futile..in a holistic sense…but from a career standpoint I needed to mull over what I want. WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? I went into nursing thinking that I would go overseas and work in disaster situations and I think a part of me, although I may not have fully admitted to it, wanted to ‘save the world’.


I have printed off a Sexual Health/Women’s Health flyer and it literally stuck to a corkboard in our office, curled due to the sun for the past 1.5 years. It’s something that I’ve thought about a lot. So…I jumped in and got a job working in the community and am going to pursue my community health nursing and see if this is better suited to give my autonomy, independence of practice, and the blend of education and health that I’m craving. I’m going to stay at my current job, but drop down my hours and go between the two.

It’s a HUGE move and I was nervous about even saying yes…but it feels right. AND IF it’s NOT what I want..I know that I can find another job as a nurse. Nursing is a funny profession it lends itself to staying where you are forever..or flitting about gaining skills and experience..it’s good for people like me.

OH MY GOODNESS..so excited about this.

EXPOSEDthank you @danielleburkleo

I have gotten a good response back from those bloggers who have done it before. WOULD love to see more people join in whatever capacity they’d choose to. Head on over to the Exposed page and see how to join in. I’m excited about what this means for both men and women. I KNOW it was super powerful for me!

what are you excited about?


One thought on “3 Things I’m REALLY Excited About

  1. saraheclement says:

    Wooo!! Very excited about the prospect of community work. Good on you, Michelle, for taking the initiative. My aunt runs a community health centre, and finds it difficult but very rewarding.

    Excited about the return of the Exposed movement. Would love to be involved, but not on my blog, so I’ll check out the Facebook.

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