When It’s NOT working

When we are set out to really dig deep into why we are stuck, we have to ask ourselves honestly “why isn’t what I’m doing working?”

Why are you stuck?

I do think that sometimes the “stuck” does serve us. There is often time a reason why we stay stuck. There is an emotional protection in not processing our blocks and/or a comfortable nature about it.


Sometimes what we’re doing or what we’ve done just isn’t working. AND THAT IS OK!!!

Comfort Zone

I was sitting with my Husband today talking about my view of my health and what I want for this year. I’m not as hyper devastated about my weight, because I realise it’s not a doomsday situation. I have thought of it like this before. The reality is that I don’t have tons of time to make intricate meals and it’s hot as hell in summer. Some foods my body hates and I want something which I can easily make and doesn’t take a huge amount of time to do.

I’m not huge on counting calories and feel like I should have stock in WeightWatchers. Those things don’t work for me. And I think that I have always gone back to what I have always done, failed, and then felt like shit.

But it’s ok that you failed. There are lessons in them and it’s NOT the only way. There are thousands of ways and you have to find what works for you. In all aspects in your life.

Maybe your marriage isn’t working and you need to seek someone outside to help.

Maybe your business isn’t working and it’s time to move on.

Maybe you’re struggling as a parent and it’s time to ‘wave the white flag’ and call a timeout for yourself.

IT IS ALL OK. Why? Because you’re honouring where you are.

So, buttercup. Be where you are and ask yourself ‘is this working?’ If its not..its ok.

Find something that does.

Mish xo

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