Does Jack Give A Sh*t? ~Jack Sh*t (male body image)

I adore Jack Sh*t. He’s an amazing writer, a weight loss inspiration, and hilarious. He did a guest post for me before…but I asked him if he wouldn’t mind speaking about male body image.

He joins Kepa and talks about how his weight loss journey has impacted his body image.

Sit back. Absorb. Laugh.
~Thanks Jack


‘Does Jack Give A Sh*t?’ ~Jack Sh*t

Do body image issues affect men the same way as they do women? There’s a simple answer to that question: “Hell if I know.”

You see, I don’t understand women at all, even though I’m married to one (Anita) and am at least partially responsible for raising three daughters (Sallie Mae, Holly and Pisa), I still have no clue as to what makes you lovely creatures tick. It’s a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, folded inside a brassiere.

Just a glimpse in my bathroom will explain the vastness of the difference between the she-folk who roam my home and me. I claim six items at most in that room: a toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream, razor, a bar of Dial soap, and a towel stolen from a Hampton Inn. The other 845 items in there belong to my wife and/or daughters. Not only do I not use any of them, I can’t even identify the vast majority of them. Clarifier? Fortifier? Exfoliating pads? Microdermabrasion gel? It makes my head spin…

So, no… I don’t claim to have any special insights about women. But I can tell you this: guys aren’t wild about being fat either.

Oh, I don’t think we have the exact same issues as the gals (for one thing, we’re perfectly happy still using the word “gals” even though we realize that you hate it). When you tell us that our ideal range should be 150-175 lbs, we take that to mean 190. When a woman hears that her goal range should be 120-140 lbs, she generally takes that to mean 99 lbs. We probably should try to meet somewhere in the middle.

I know that at my heaviest (close to 300 lbs), I could look at myself straight-on in the mirror and convince myself that I was just husky, big-boned, large-framed… that I actually looked okay. Then I’d see a photograph that someone snapped of me when I wasn’t looking and that illusion would go up in smoke. This was how the world viewed me… not at that one angle that I could pull off looking halfway normal.

I can’t speak for my entire gender, but I know that I’ve short-changed big chunks of my life by being too dumpy. Whether it was trying to talk the neighborhood kids out of playing shirts-and-skins basketball, swimming with a t-shirt on or being extraordinarily self-conscious about how I looked on the beach, there have been plenty of times when I’ve felt out of place because I was out of shape.

These days, I’m in a whole new world. I’ve lost over 90 pounds and am feeling pretty damn good about myself. Truthfully, I’ve got a bit of a swagger in my walk these days. I catch a glimpse at myself in the mirror and nod my head appreciatively. I no longer have my “camera radar” set on maximum sensitivity in order to dive out of shots. I don’t sit on the sidelines anymore; I get out there and participate.

We may not have the same exact headaches and hindrances, men and women. We don’t have the same exact annoyances and issues, you and I, but we’re not all that far apart either.

We both want to live healthier lives, want to be there for our friends and our families, want to live our own lives to their fullest.

For me, that’s what this journey is all about.

16 thoughts on “Does Jack Give A Sh*t? ~Jack Sh*t (male body image)

  1. MizFit says:

    I love that youre here, JackSh*t, and being entirely serious.
    its a side of you we rarely get to see.
    Im such a fan of your blog (your writing your insights your wisdom) and adore that youve found your swagger.

    You? Kepa? You both addressed something so important and which I saw frequently when I was a counselor/trainer: men struggle just as much as we do with loving and feeling at home in their own bodies.


  2. Helen says:

    Maybe us gals need to learn to take after you guys more and pretend the swagger is there, even if it isn’t. Fake it till you make it sort of, but applied to body image.

  3. Blake says:

    Great post.. I agree.. guys have issues with body image too. The media portrays men as having to be “ripped” just like women have to be “skinny” to be good looking. Sad world we live in. We need to change first and foremost for our health, though. Thanks!

  4. Alecia says:

    Somehow I always thought men didn’t have to worry about their bodies. That it was socially acceptable for them to be fat. I have minimized my husbands desire to be more fit and lose a bit of weight. I had the mind set that his journey was not as important as mine because I had farther to go. Strange how 1 man saying that life was harder and that he is far happier now makes me realize that I just haven’t been giving the man in my life the credit he deserves. Thanks!

  5. gemfit says:

    I never realised how guys were with body image really until I met my Boy. He’s given me an insight into the male psyche to some extent and it’s amazing how much we all worry about weight and body image. His first response when I told him that my brother wanted him in his wedding party? He grimaced and talked about how he had to lose weight for the photographs.

  6. Jody - Fit at 52 says:

    Jack, I so love your true honesty! You have done amazing things!!! You should walk with a swagger!

    I so could relate to that statement about weight though. Women are told 155-120 is OK for their height but they want to be 100 pounds. Thank god I am past that. Muscles weighs something & I like muscles! I always tell women how much I weigh so they try to understand that the scale can say more but you can still look good.

    PS: Check out my site today when you have time.

  7. All Women Stalker says:

    I’ve been following Jack for some time now. He never fails to motivate and inspire me. This guest post is wonderful. It’s something that men out there with body/weight/image issues should read. Gives them something to think about.

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