Wedding Dresses: Which one should I choose? {vote}

This whole week has been awesome. The Exposed Movement has been so powerful to read…and what’s even cooler is that Diets in Review has written a fabulous article about it highlighting four of the bloggers who have re-exposed themselves.

I’m also packing up gifts and clothes for my trip home to America. Going home for 1 week and 3 hours to see my family, my grandparents, and to catch up with mexican food and American dill pickles. People, I miss mexican food like something bad. I’ve been dreaming of enchiladas.

I’m also going to be trying on wedding dresses while I’m there as well. I HAVE to get a wedding dress while I’m there. I have one appointment at Davids Bridal and another at a local bridal shop in Salem, Oregon. I have been scouring the internet for months..and months and months for dresses. I’ve even tried some on, but to be honest…I’m not sure which style I’m gonna for at the moment.

Me: 5’10, size 14 (ok, so this is after work-out, but you get the jist. Tall, ‘big-boned’, hips, thighs, nice collar bones…not dainty)

Ceremony: down a bush ladden path to an open beach which I won’t be wearing shoes at all. It’s 30 November, in Australia, so it will be summer-time.



Option 1:


Option 2:


Option 3:

b24e09d727f356ab792fe18969564990Option 4 without and with sleeves:

635412a6694b7a6451d37a5652ca3a4ec1a9a7c463b9a1ade68088298f06cb75Option 5


Option 6

dd986c7e6c36718114d4a845cb1ef8d5Option 8


I don’t know if I’m gonna go short or long. Ball gown or fitted.

Which one do you think?


13 thoughts on “Wedding Dresses: Which one should I choose? {vote}

  1. Jody R. Goldenfield says:

    They are all beautiful!!! I watch Say Yes to the Dress & one thing I learned from there is don’t get hooked into one thing being it.. Try them all on cause ya never know what will look best on you! 🙂 Have fun!

  2. sarah says:

    I think #1 and #6 would look best on your body, but I am also drawn to #5 because it’s on the beach and short wouldn’t pick up all the sand!

  3. Jaime Russell says:

    I love the shorter dresses for a beach wedding!! However, my advice would be to try on ALL sorts of dresses and you will know when you try on the right one! The right one might surprise you!!

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