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365 days ago…

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I said YES!


Then we for Prego…oops :)


And yesterday we got news that our house has been approved to settlement.

So in one year we’ve gotten

Approved for a new house of our dreams

I have so much to write, and I will after our babymoon…but I love him. I love him more than I did a year ago.

Can’t imagine what the next 365 days will bring!!!

Mish xo


26 weeks: Haircut, Swaddling & Diaper Bags…I asked FB


I think the baby is growing a lot. I can’t see my toes anymore.

524715_782114035334_647874338_n13 weeks

IMG_512726 weeks

So…I don’t have family around me. I do have some friends who have had kids, but I like to ask questions. I like to ask so many questions, my 2nd Grade Teacher (Mr. Berhens) said that I could only ask three questions a day. Talk about moderation!

So I reach out to Facebook. There’s a lot of new and seasoned parents out there. The ones that bought all the stuff they never use, and wish they would have bought stuff they never did. It’s a random ‘hair-brained-give-me-your-opinion’ on things. I prefer it to be unfiltered. I appreciate honesty.

Question 1: Should I cut my hair?


  • It’s only hair
  • Don’t cut it, because you’ll have a hormonal melt-down afterwards
  • Don’t cut it, because it’s easier to deal with when it’s longer
  • Don’t cut it, because after you have your baby…the longer hair will cover-up all of your balding spots due to hormonal changes.

Verdict: I cut my hair!!!!


Question 2: Are these newborn swaddle things worth the money? Should I get a sleeping sack/bag? Or should I just get good at swaddling?



  • Swaddle. One of my boys hated his arms being swaddled so I just used to do his legs after a while
  • Don’t over think it some babies don’t like to be swaddled. All 3 if mine loved their arms free so I wrapped their legs and kept their arms out and they all slept throughout the night from 4wks on.
  • I had these (swaddle bags) for Scarlett when she was a young baby and she loved them. As she got older and wanted her hands free I converted to the sleeveless sleeping bags till about 1.
  • Mine loved being swaddled tight, wish they had these 16 years ago!
  • I didn’t have success with swaddle products. I used the swaddle method on the video “Happiest Baby On the Block“.
  • Honestly just receiving blankets are all you need to swaddle. I spent so much on little swaddle/velcro bags, and Brooklynn immediately wiggles out of it.
  • You can buy really good quality sleeping bags from SIDS website…all different types for all seasons n temps.
  • Never used sleeping bags with all 3 of my. Only Bonds or Target sleeping suits. Nice soft wraps for the first month max.

Verdict: I didn’t buy anything. I have a gift set of three from a friend of mine. I have looked at the above swaddling method. I have also looked at the SIDS website which has good information. It’s good to know that sleeping sacks/bags have different levels of thickness for different season. I am still really keen on sleeping bags. BUT, I will take people’s advice and I’m going to wait until bub comes then go shopping ;)

Question 3: Diaper bags: are they worth it? or just get a cute bag the size of a crater? // if so — what are key ‘must haves?’


  • Waterproof material and lots of pockets.
  • I had two: one cheap black target satchel that I kept fully stocked so I could pass it onto babysitters or have it ready to go at the door everyday. I splurged more expensive one that I use and it was worth it.
  • My must have was that it had to have a shoulder strap (I think it’s called hobo style?)
  • I have a back pack style one and it’s perfect!!!
  • Just find something you like w room!
  • I really like that my new bag has an option to wear as a backpack
  • Have enough room for a complete change of clothes with you at all times.
  • I throw everything in my handbag haha just get a big one!!!!!!

Brands highlighted:

Verdict: I haven’t bought anything yet! I LOVE the advice given. I was looking through some cloth style bags online, but since most people said waterproof was a must…I discounted those. I also have been thinking more about the idea of a backpack style version. Many people said that they end up using those backpacks later on down the line.


26 weeks has been great. I have only 7.5 weeks of work left!!!! I am so excited to have a year off, I’m excited to be a mum. I’m excited to meet my little one. The little one is kicking a lot more and it’s moving up my belly with it’s kicking. I need new sports bras :) Been taking walks most nights and have been eating heaps of protein, green grapes and popsicles. I’m SO ready for the weather to cool down. But it feels as though we’re still in the throws of summer.

Any advice?


A Busy Button


Hey there!

Just a couple of things that have been going on around these neck of the woods!!!!

I’ve been adopting the #wycwyc mentality and going on as many walks as I can squeeze in. It’s been good, but I’m finding that I can’t walk as fast as I used to.



I’m still obsessed with Country music…omg The Band Perry is almost too much.


Did I mention how fabulous cookies are?


I’ve been experimenting with a flexi-paleo approach (minus the cookie above) and have been making my own bone broth. SOOO easy, I used this recipe.

IMG_4992(strained broth on left; remains on the right. froze mine in 4 cup freezer bags)

I’m totally obsessed with anything frozen, so I busted out some frozen banana ‘ice cream’.


Totally loving this Sukin toner spray. It feels like a little moment of spa bliss. I’m such a huge fan of getting spa treatments, I feel like everything should have a facial.


I think my most favourite thing this week, is finding a frame for this nursery print that I got form Naptime Diaries. I LOVE THIS! I’m also a tinge obsessed with and their nursery section.


Hope this finds you well.

How’s your week been?


The Still of the Morning


I’ve become more of a morning person as I’ve gotten older. I haven’t appreciated the mornings truly, until recently.


There’s something deeply intoxicating about the promise and stillness of a new day. The sun creeping above the clouds, the crisp air washing over half-opened eyes. The steam from the kettle. The absolute peace of it all. The quite oblivion to things which didn’t get quite done the next before.

It’s a time of day that I’m learning to harness more. More because it grounds me. More because it connects me. More because it gives me time to just be in the moment. Our lives are hectic and the moments we often experience are not ones which are bathed in stillness, reflection, or space.


So cherish your mornings. Cherish the stillness.


24 weeks: One thing every pregnant woman should spend money on


HEY!!!! 24 weeks…or as my OB/GYN friend said ‘happy viability day’. That’s nuts!


24 weeks


13 weeks
(bahahahaha and I thought I had a bump then!)

I have a lot of friends who are becoming pregnant and the only advice I give them: buy a REALLY good maternity bra, in at least two sizes :) I SWEAR ON MY LIFE…these are the BEST maternity bras ever! Bravado Silk Seamless!

Bravado Body Silk Details 300x413

They are SOOOOO comfy. I was wearing my fabulous Victoria Secret bras, but they started to hurt and itch and were just uncomfortable. I wore a medium and then last week bought two more in larges because I feel like my milk bags are growing daily. They’d just so easy to wear, very comfortable. They’re worth every single penny. For the Aussie girls, I got mine here

I’m also loving this belly rub that I got from a local place. Tinderbox ‘Pregnancy Belly Rub’.

bellyrub 006

I rub it on my belly once a day and it just smells nice. I thinking of bringing it along and some other oils/scents for the labour aspect.

I’m still obsessed with COLD chocolate dense cake with white frosting.


My friend Mel made one for me, how dare she. She even bought the Betty Crocker frosting (hello Australia, we now have four flavours, when I first got here we had none!) and it was SOOOOO good. She have me a 1/4th of the cake and I made it last three days :)

I’m also plowing through these popsicles.


I’m trying not to eat tooo much cake and find if I can find something that’s a bit lower in the calorie department as a sweet tooth cuter I’m a lot better off. The green apple is SOOOOOOOOO good!

I’m taking a page from Roni and Carla’s book and trying to go about the #wycwyc (what you can, when you can) philosophy.


I”m trying to walk as much as I can. I’m finding that even if I make a lap around the hood for 30 minutes that I feel better.

I’m also loving and would recommend for those at home

Knocked Up Fitness: They have a $70.00 pre and post natal package. The videos are 8-20 minutes in length and are good. It’s a weight/cardio/pilates/yoga focused program. I love it.


Fitness Glo: $12/month and have all different levels. It’s not prego specific but if you stepped down to beginner or Level 1 you can find some good workouts.


Well, that’s all I’m obsessed with at the minute. That and steak…and cheese. YUMMY!!!!

What are some of your must haves when prego? Cravings?


none of these companies know who I am. I’m just a prego lady from Oregon, surviving the Aussie summer. Promise.

Please tell me, I’m not alone in being terrified of becoming a Mom?


I have spent the past 23.5 weeks in a state of, I suppose, denial. I mean, the baby would kick, we bought things…we’re kinda getting ready for the arrival. I only have girl clothes, so if it’s a boy..well it’s gonna be in pink for a bit. I bought an Ergo. We have a bassinet. We know what stroller/pram we want. Beyond that I hadn’t really thought about anything.

Then the kicks started to get more real. More pronounced. I have often squirmed in the passenger seat of Andrew’s truck because I’m either getting kicked in the bladder or the cervix. I grab by belly, trying to coax the little one up “Stop kickin’ you little monster!” Andrew is quite amused. I have now the beautiful pleasure of needing to pee every single time I get up from sitting down…hello pressure!

Then it hits you…holy s–t I’m gonna be a Mom.


That is when I started to panic. Really, started to panic.


THIS IS REAL! I don’t want to screw up my kids. I don’t want my daughter or son to think about anything other then being their fabulous selves. I want them to be unburdened by my burdens. I want to exude confidences, grace, fragility and perseverance. I do NOT want my children to be consumed with thoughts of doubts, body image woes, or their own perfectionist filled mis-givings like me. I want them to be carefree, focused and respectful human beings.

I freaked.the.freak.out. I mean how can you possibly summize everything that you hope that your children are, when you feel like you’re about 20% of it on most days. I sat with it for a bit and just let it wash over me. I just don’t want to screw up my kids. I really don’t. I do not need to feel like I have to wrap them into bubble wrap and cart them around their whole lives. I want to to work for what they have, to have some failure, to deal with life as it is. But I desperately am afraid that somehow my short-comings, my demons, my battles would wash into their little precious souls.

I don’t want to rob them of their innocence, due to my own struggles.

I didn’t know how to deal with all this really. It has been on my mind for about a week, so much so that even if I talk about with people I can feel that throat tightening choke of a good cry coming on. I don’t expect myself to be perfect (most of the time) I just want to be someone with whom my children respect, admire, and know they are loved by.

So, please tell me that I’m not the only one who’s terrified of screwing their kids up? Right?” I begged one of my girlfriends who has three girls“OH NO!!!!! And to be honest Michelle, it never stops. Some days you think you’ve got it nailed and then some days you sit back and look at your kids and think ‘what have I done.’ And it changes as they grow. You just have to have faith and do the best you can” she said.

I’m always late because I’m a procrastinator and I procrastinate because I’m overwhelmed and I’m overwhelmed because I’m a perfectionist and I’m a perfectionist because I need affirmation and I need affirmation because I feel unworthy and I feel unworthy because somewhere, sometime, something in me cracked and the idea that I am lovable leaked out… I broke. And I’m still broken… And Jesus finds me like that, leaky and late, and He scoops up the pieces and makes me new. I’ll probably break again tomorrow, or in like five minutes, but He’ll keep scooping, again and again, until the day I finally get it, until the day I learn that I was created to be loved. And that day, that glorious day, the angels will sing in Heaven and, by God, I. will. be. on. time. ~Jaime ‘Grace Waits’

And it’s that. It’s the knowledge that I DO NOT and WILL NOT have all the answers. That when I’m leaky, I have my faith. When I’m in doubt of who I am as a woman, wife, mother … i have my faith. It’s the constant growth inside of me, the deep desire to push through which I hope ozzes into my kids. I hope they become tenacious little buggers and know that no matter what, they are always loved.


Downward drain suck of being critical & how to appropriatley use ‘They’re,Their,There’


I am the FIRST to admit, I’m a critical person.

I’m critical of myself.
I’m critical of others.
I’m critical of work.
I’m critical of how Andrew mops the floor (which I kinda have a leg to stand on…I digress)

I don’t think that ‘having a critical eye’ is can always be a bad thing. I’ll find the mis-matched margins and spacing in a word document. I’m usually the first person who finds the spelling error or the wrong use of They’re/Their/There … it’s just how my brain works. ‘Keep a watchful eye!’ on things.


I can read through policy and quickly raise questions as to how it doesn’t make sense, isn’t clear enough, should be re-worded. Look at forms and offer instant suggestions which oftentimes were overlooked. I just am that type of person.

Being critical can be exhausting.

I have spent a good majority of my 20s being critical of myself. I became critical, nit-picky, exhaustive of myself.

Wanting to change is one thing which isn’t inherntley bad.
Picking yourself apart is a dangerous and destructive pattern we can often slid into when we want to change.

I have spent the past four years trying and succeeding at unwinding the critical bunny instead of me that gnaws away at the roots of positivity and acceptance I foster. It’s been a long hard slog sometimes and there have been times when I’ve REALLLLLYYYYY wanted to give up. There are times when I’ve back slid into a horrible mental space, drowned it all down with ice cream only to have Andrew come home finding me a hormonal, over-carbed, sugar stoned, sobbing wife needing affirmation for an issue that isn’t his….mess!

I’ve also struggled with finding the balance between ‘wanting to change AND doing that from a place of self-love.’ I have. They don’t seem congruent in my head. How can you change and love yourself? Isn’t it about appeasing the critical area you need to work on?


For so long this didn’t work for me: (Change + Self-love) – negative critical ways = happy solid sustainable change.
I’ve always equated change with an outward appeasement of an inward critical tape. It’s never been from self-love. It’s been from meeting a critical thought.

I really don’t want to put this baby on a pedestal, but I shall for a minute. As a totally unexpected plan changer in our lives…it has been a blessing. I spent the first 20 weeks doing what I wanted. I ate pretty much what I wanted and didn’t do stacks of exercise. I gave myself permission to move past the critical grind and just go with it. You have to.

And now I’m going with it even more. I can feel the panic that used to wash over me lessen. I can feel the desire to eat in different ways rise with the tide of self love AND change being the motivating factor….the critical aspect isn’t there. I can see the way I love Andrew change. I can see the way I HOLD my belly and feel it kick and smile in awe of the life we’ve created. I can feel my body relaxing when I’m being cuddled, instead of pulling away or shoving my stomach into the mattress I let it be where it is.

In what ways are you tempted to collapse into the negative?

I feel it’s much more interesting to focus on and magnify the positive. You can use a magnifying glass. The negative is still there — it’s jus that the spotlight is on the positive. ~SARK “Wild Succulent Women”

It is possible to change AND harness self-love. I think that finding the ‘altitude’ in life is where I’ve always wanted to fly.




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